Examples of computer hardware include central processing units, motherboards, random access memory, video cards, power supplies, hard drives, optical drives, keyboards, monitors, mice and speakers. Computer hardware is a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The central processing unit, the random access memory and the graphics card are the basic hardware components of a computer. In some cases, the graphics card may be a built-in part of the central processing unit. All thr... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Modern computer hardware is divided into two categories: main hardware and peripherals. Peripherals are then subdivided into input, output and storage devices. Main hardware components are technically the only requiremen... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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Examples of computer hardware include a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Computer hardware is any physical equipment that is used to make up your computer. All of the individual equipment inside of a computer is also hardwar... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Common problems with Acer computers include failing motherboards, faulty hard drives and defective random access memory, or RAM. Other common problems include overheating that causes forced shutdowns, LCD displays that a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Examples of computer output devices include a display monitor, speakers, headphones, and a printer. Other common output devices include a projector, sound card, video card or television. To be considered a computer outpu... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Some examples of communication hardware are modems, routers, Wi-Fi cards, network interface cards, Internet adapters, access points and network connectors. Communication hardware refers to any device that is able to tran... More » Technology Computers & Hardware