Determine the screen size of your computer monitor by measuring the screen's diagonal, or the distance between the opposite corners of your monitor. The diagonal is generally measured in inches. More »

To measure a computer screen, use a tape measure. Measure the screen diagonally by placing a tape measure on the bottom right corner or bottom left corner of the screen and extend it to the opposite end. Measure just the... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Monitor

Change the appearance of the size of a monitor screen by changing the resolution and the display scaling settings. Both of these methods can make objects on the screen appear either smaller or larger. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help
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Changing the screen size requires different steps depending on the operating system of the user's computer, but getting the correct resolution for a monitor is as easy as looking at the manual for the specific monitor an... More »

A monochrome monitor is a computer display system that only shows one or two different shades of color on the screen. Early computer monitors were typically of the monochrome type before the introduction of color monitor... More »

Common computer screen problems are stuck or dead pixels, transient persistence also known as residual images, blank or blurry display and monitor producing flickering lines or waves. When a pixel does not receive a volt... More »

An FPS monitor is a piece of software designed to display or record the frames per second (FPS) a computer screen is showing. These software packages are typically used to gauge performance of a computer system while gam... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Monitor