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Computer science graduates may work as software engineers, computer engineers, systems analysts or network architects. They may also move on to management positions once they have gained some work experience.


Take computer science courses for credit at a college or university. Many community colleges offer quality computer science courses at prices much lower than four-year schools. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, available through services such as Coursera.org and Ud...


Computer science is the study of processing information using computers. It includes both theoretical and applied topics such as higher math, algorithms, computational processes, computer design, software design and human-computer interaction.


A health science degree focuses on the science, lab work and research that prepares graduates for nonmedical jobs in the health care industry. Such jobs are related to the organization and management of medical institutions.


Although curricula change from one institution to another, the most essential science courses in both high school and entry-level university study are typically biology, chemistry and physics. While biology is loosely described as the study of life, chemistry is the stu...


An exercise science degree focuses on the science of human movement. Those who earn this degree can go on to help people achieve healthier lives though exercise and nutrition. An example of a college with an exercise science program is Towson University in Maryland.


Jobs in the computer science field require computer savvy skills, such as coding and programming. To say that computer science is difficult is simply not true. With time and dedication, skills in the field can be learned and developed, although it may help to have prior...