As of 2015, some of the most commonly used computer programming languages include Java, Python, Ruby and SQL. Other common programming languages include C, JavaScript and PHP. More »

Procedural oriented programming is a list or set of instructions telling a computer what to do step by step and how to perform from the one code to the next code. It focuses on the process rather than data. More »

A wide variety of computer programming languages exist to carry out tasks at various levels, but they all run on the concepts of command sequences, conditional operations and looping instructions. The command sequence is... More »

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Popular coding programs include Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL and PHP. Developers use these programs to improve the functionality of Web pages, link databases to websites and develop server-side scripts. More »

In the Java programming language, a Map is an object that connects keys to values. It works like a mathematical function, so each key can only link to one value, and each key must be unique. More »

Basic Java programming practice problems include simple warmup tasks such as Boolean logic, "for and while" loops, arrays, strings, substrings and parsing. Practice problems allow users to input code and see the finished... More »

User input in Python allows the program to gather information from a computer user. The program saves this input into a variable so that it can later be manipulated within the program. More »