The simplest method is to compare computer processors by their operating frequency, which is always stated in a manufacturer's description. Another reliable method is running a benchmark test on selected processors. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To test the speed, or benchmark as it commonly referred to, the central processing unit inside your computer, download third-party applications such as Prime95, Novabench, or 3DMark. These applications give the user real... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A computer processor is the logic circuitry that receives and processes the basic instructions given to a computer by the user. It harmonizes different processes inside the computer to deliver what the user needs. The sp... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Measure the performance of a central processing unit or computer processor by determining the number of computations the processor can perform per second and the number of individual processors in the chip itself. As of ... More »

Comprehensive reviews and comparisons of computer processors are available at This research engine for gadgets offers a wide array of detailed information about computer processors and is equipped with helpf... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

An Intel Core i3 processor is generally the least expensive and lowest performing processor in Intel's "i" family of processors. The Core i3 provides enough power for most everyday computing tasks, such as Internet brows... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

As of 2015, the fastest processor in the world is the Bulldog by Advanced Micro Devices; other fast processors include the Core processors by Intel. AMD's Bulldog has a top speed of 8.429 gigahertz. More » Technology Computers & Hardware