The monitor is the visual interface that allows computer users to see open programs and use applications, such as Web browsers and software programs. It is a standard piece of computing equipment and while monitors were ... More »

A computer monitor is an output device that is used as an electronic visual display for computers. This device allows the user to view program operations. With a mouse, the user can visually control program operations on... More »

Standard computer monitor sizes include 17, 20 , 24 and 27 inches, as of 2015. Monitors are typically between 15 and 34 inches, but monitors between 17 and 30 inches are the most common sizes. More »

A computer monitor is a hardware component of a computer that displays information through a visual interface. The monitor is composed of a case and a screen that displays the information. More »

An FPS monitor is a piece of software designed to display or record the frames per second (FPS) a computer screen is showing. These software packages are typically used to gauge performance of a computer system while gam... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Monitor

The purpose of a computer monitor is to display text and graphics produced by computer programs and to provide a visual interface for computer users. Monitors look like television sets and attach to the main computer uni... More »

A DisplayPort is a digital display interface designed to connect a video source to a display device, such as a monitor or a video projector. As of 2014, the interface provides a maximum resolution of 7680 by 4320 pixels ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Monitor