Hard drives are mounted differently in desktop computers than in laptops. Desktops have dedicated slots in the front of the computer case for 3.5-inch devices, including hard drives. Laptops vary by brand and type in whe... More » Technology Digital Storage

If you’re using Windows, one way to check what’s stored on your computer’s hard drive is to use the “Search Files and Programs” function on the Start menu. OS X for Apple computers also has a Search function. If you want... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

A computer drive is a piece of hardware that is used to read and store information on the computer and that is usually not as easily removed as a disk. There are many different kinds of drives available for computers. More » Technology Digital Storage
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External hard drives provide users with additional external storage for storing important files or backing up the data stored in the internal drive. They are connected to computers via FireWire connections, USB or wirele... More » Technology Digital Storage

Hard disk drives consist of a series of metal platters coated with magnetic material. Moving arms with magnetic heads move over the platters, reading and writing data to the platters by changing the magnetization on the ... More » Technology Digital Storage

To replace an internal hard drive, open up your computer or laptop, remove the old hard drive and replace it with the new one. You can also install the relevant operating software on the new hard drive. More » Technology Digital Storage

To install a new hard disk drive, open up the computer's case and disconnect the old hard drive from either the IDE or SATA interface, then remove the old drive and install the new drive before connecting it to one of th... More » Technology Digital Storage