While computers are often praised as a helpful classroom tool, they have also been subject to criticism. Notable complaints include that they create a distraction if student use is not well monitored, that they can lead ... More »

Schools and teachers can obtain free laptop computers for use in classrooms through a variety of methods, including government grants, special technology education organizations and through individual crowdfunding servic... More »

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Classroom assessment in the 2000s moved more toward computer-based tests that utilize technology, such as laptops, notebooks and tablets. Student comprehension and subject mastery are also assessed through projects, port... More »

Computer-assisted instruction supplements standard classroom teaching with computers. In some cases, the computer functions as only a source of information. In other cases, the computer acts as a virtual tutor. More »

Tech items for the classroom include tablet computers, lecture capture technology, interactive whiteboards and document cameras. These technologies also help to promote distance learning and optimize the learning process... More »

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Some of the disadvantages of computers include an over-reliance on technology, vulnerability to cyber-crime, increased potential for distraction and various negative social effects. While computers offer numerous benefit... More »

One advantage of wearable computers is that a user is in constant interaction with his computer, but a disadvantage is that these computers are heavy. As a user goes from place to place with his computer, it offers him f... More »