Examples of compound words include grasshopper, baseball, sunflower, fireflies and earthquake. Compound words result from combining at least two words, and they function as varying parts of speech depending on their usag... More » Education

Compound nouns are nouns formed from two or more words that act as a single unit in context. Compound nouns can contain a space between the two words, they can be hyphenated, or the two words can be combined into one wor... More » Education

Some compound words for early elementary students to learn include doghouse, keyboard, notebook, firefly, baseball, softball, blueberry, cobweb, doorbell, jellybean, inside, mailbox, pancake, popcorn, rainbow, seatbelt, ... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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A temporary compound used as an adjective before a noun, a compound adjective that precedes a term it modifies, and two or more modifiers with a common base are a few main rules for hyphenating compound words. The rules ... More » Education

Examples of words that are especially tricky to spell are "hidrosis," "isarithm," "sacrilegious" and "hypozeuxis." Some more common words that people often misspell are "conscious," "embarrass," "exceed," "fiery" and "un... More » Education

Examples of words with the short "i" sound include "trick," "him," "mill," "mitt" and "flip." Further examples of words with this sound include "big," "crib," "kid," "bin" and "six." More » Education

Examples of interesting words that start with the letter "a" include "absquatulate," "afreet" and "argute." Other interesting words that start with "a" are "anfractuous" and "aa." More » Education