An example of a complex sentence would be the following: Because I am allergic to dairy, I cannot eat cheese on my pizza. Complex sentences have one or more dependent clauses combined with an independent clause. In the e... More »

A simple example of a declarative sentence is: "My family is going on vacation." The following example is more complex: "The bird flew over my house, and it landed on the neighbor's fence." More »

An example of a simple compound sentence is "John wanted to get a hamburger, but Jane wanted to eat at home." Another example is "She smiled at the baby, and he held out his arms for her." A compound sentence is a senten... More » Education

An example of a sentence using the word "parody" is "The class performed a parody of the famous play." This example illustrates a primary meaning of parody, which is a funny or satirical imitation of a play, movie or wri... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

Use "esoteric" to describe something that is obscure, private or not easily understood. In the sentence, "John joined an esoteric club," "esoteric" tells the reader that little is known about the club. More »

Sentence structure variety makes content more readable and improves its overall quality, states the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. Unvaried sentence structure leads to a sense of monotony and repetition in writing... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

The tone of a sentence is the way authors express their attitudes through their writing. Tone is expressed in the use of syntax, point of view, diction and level of formality in the writing. The tone of a sentence can be... More »