IRS Form 709 is used to report taxable gifts to distribute the lifetime use of a person's generation-skipping transfer tax exemption, explains Julie Garber for The deadline to file the form is April 15 of the ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To find the mailing address for a completed paper tax return, consult the IRS website, which lists mailing addresses by return type, form number, type of mailing service and whether the return includes a payment. Mailing... More » Business & Finance Taxes

IRS Form 1099-R is a tax form issued when money is withdrawn from a qualified retirement plan such as a pension, annuity, IRA or profit-sharing plan. The reported withdrawal amount is included as taxable income unless th... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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IRS Form 1040-EZ tax tables are tables that show the tax brackets and amounts due for federal taxpayers filing the 1040-EZ form, the IRS notes. Tax tables change year to year due to tax legislation changes and inflation ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Although the deadline for filing IRS Form 1096 changes with each tax year, the deadline for filing the form for tax year 2015 is Feb. 29, 2016, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS publishes the deadline fo... More » Business & Finance Taxes

IRS Form 940 is used by employers to report their annual Federal Unemployment Tax Act tax. This tax, along with additional state taxes, pays for unemployment compensation funding for employees who lose their jobs. More » Business & Finance Taxes

IRS Form 9465 allows taxpayers who cannot pay their full tax bills to request monthly installment plans, according to the IRS. Taxpayers generally attach the form to the front of their tax returns, according to Investope... More » Business & Finance Taxes