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This is a tricky side of a relationship for a Cancer and a Virgo partner. The lack of words from Cancer certainly makes room for everything Virgo wants to say, but as signs ruled by the Moon and Mercury, they have a simple conflict of emotion versus logic.


Cancer and Virgo compatibility gets high marks in friendship, love, and in bed! Both parties demand a partner who is loving, affectionate, and loyal. Virgo’s directness makes Cancer feel appreciated and secure. Cancer’s emotional nature allows them to teach Virgo how to get in touch with their feelings. This duo has much to learn from one another.


Virgo man, Cancer woman: Sexual compatibility. A Virgo man can sometimes be inhibited in the bedroom, but the gentle softness of a Cancer woman will help him relax and enjoy himself. She can also be surprisingly passionate which will increase both of their enjoyment.


Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, and Virgo is a Mutable Sign. While Cancer gets things going, Virgo thrives on a changing routine of responsibilities and challenges. Because they’re so ubiquitous, Virgo will find a place in Cancer’s plans if they really want to. Virgo will keep in mind Cancer’s plans, and will eventually bring results even if ...


Cancer and Virgo related pages. Virgo man Virgo woman Cancer man Cancer woman. For details of the most common pros and cons of relationships with each of the other signs I have a separate index of articles on Cancer compatibility and Virgo compatibility. Cancer and Virgo compatibility readings


Cancer man, Virgo woman: Sexual compatibility. A Cancer man and Virgo woman will be very good partners in the bedroom. A Virgo woman can be self-conscious about her body, which can cause her to be inhibited with respect to sex. A Cancer man will be tender and gentle, which will help put her at ease and allow her to relax and let go.


Virgo longs for a family, and that's Cancer's mission in life. These are shared goals and visions that should be focused on for Virgo and Cancer to prevail. virgo and cancer Compatibility - The Cons. As much as Virgo and Cancer complement and nourish each other, there are some fundamental differences in play in this love match that both zodiac ...


Virgo, on the other hand, is a sign that complains a lot and can criticize someone due to a blemish of the smallest sort. This becomes difficult for Cancer to take, as it is a giving sign that does not even expect anything in return more often than not.


In the Virgo and Cancer marriage, both have a lot to respect for each other and they are both captivated by each other.Their star sign compatibility can be very strong. The healer and the homemaker are more than capable of making a domestic life for the long term if they want to. The Virgo dating a Cancer have similar views on life.


Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility. Emotions make Cancer’s world go round. This woman can know what others need without being told. Her sensitivity endears her to others but it also causes her to hurt easily even bearing grudges if her feelings are not reciprocated.