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Chloroplasts are very similar to mitochondria, but are found only in the cells of plants and some algae. Like mitochondria, chloroplasts produce food for their cells. Chloroplasts help turn sunlight into food that can be used by the cell, a process known as photosynthesis. Like the mitochondria, the chloroplast has an inner and outer membrane.


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Both the chloroplast and the mitochondrion are organelles found in the cells of plants, but only mitochondria are found in animal cells. The function of chloroplasts and mitochondria is to generate energy for the cells in which they live. The structure of both organelle types includes an inner and an outer membrane.


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Basis for Comparison Mitochondria Chloroplast; Meaning: A large, membrane-bound, bean-shaped organelle found in almost all kind of eukaryotic organism, also known as 'powerhouse of the cell'. Mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration and energy metabolism.


Difference between: Mitochondria and Chloroplast. Mitochondria. 1. They are colourless cell organelles. 2. Mitochondria are found in all types of cells of aerobic organisms, both plants and animals. 3. They are generally cylindrical in outline. 4. Their inner membrane is folded into cristae. 5. Cristae do not form grana.


Mitochondria is where cellular respiration takes place and where most energy in the form of ATP is generated. Chloroplasts convert sunlight energy into chemical energy stored in sugar molecules.


Main Difference – Chloroplast vs Mitochondria. Chloroplast and mitochondria are two organelles found in the cell. The chloroplast is a membrane-bound organelle found only in algae and plant cells.Mitochondria are found in fungi, plants and animal like eukaryotic cells.The main difference between chloroplast and mitochondria is their functions; chloroplasts are responsible for the production ...


compare mitochondria and chloroplast Asked in Chloroplasts ... One difference between mitochondria and chloroplasts is the folds that are found in the mitochondria. The provide a wider surface ...


Before I answer your question, let’s have a look at some diagrams of the organelles in question. Here is a picture of a chloroplast: Here is a picture of a mitochondrion: Similarities Mitochondria and chloroplast both have: * A double membrane sur...