Important factors to consider when comparing an HMO to a PPO include out-of-network coverage, if out-of-network spending applies to the out-of-pocket maximum, and the need for a primary care physician, notes WebMD. Emplo... More »

Some employee benefits of UnitedHealth Group include medical plan coverage, dental plan coverage, life insurance, a flexible spending account and a 401(k) savings plan, as noted on the company's official website. Other b... More »

Primary advantages of PPO plans relative to HMOs include broader provider networks and greater flexibility to see specialists without requiring a referral, according to Bankrate. PPOs often have higher premiums than HMOs... More »

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A Health Maintenance Organization insurance plan generally only provides coverage when members use health care providers within its network, whereas members of a Preferred Provider Organization have more leeway in choosi... More »

The Freedom Blue PPO Medicare Advantage plan has health and drug coverage, moderate in-network cost-sharing and in-network freedom to select health care providers and hospitals, reports HealthPocket, a technology company... More »

Highmark Freedom Blue PPO is a Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, plan that is offered through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and administered by Highmark The plan includes insurance coverage for both medical services and p... More »

PPO and HMO insurance both have advantages and disadvantages and which plan is better depends on individual patient needs, notes PPO plans are best for patients who want a large network of dentists, whe... More »