A plasma flat panel TV's screen consists of an emissive, self-lighting grid of phosphorescent, gas-filled cells that are stimulated to glow a desired color, while an LCD TV's screen consists of a transmissive, externally... More » Technology Television & Video

Common problems with RCA LCD televisions include color variations, poor picture quality, inability to view certain channels, and inability to control the TV with the front panel buttons. Some people have reported sound i... More » Technology Television & Video

There is no standard frequency at which to clean an LCD TV screen, though the website Help With PC recommends cleaning around once a week. Some screens will require more or less cleaning, depending on environment and usa... More » Technology Television & Video
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It is safe to clean an LCD TV screen with a dry, lint-free cloth, using very gentle circular motions. A slightly damp microfiber cloth can help remove smudges or fingerprints. A small amount of mild detergent is safe to ... More » Technology Television & Video

One of the biggest flat screens TVs on the market is Samsung's 105-inch bending LCD TV. This LED LCD flat screen has a bendable screen and costs upwards of $120,000 on today's market. More » Technology Television & Video

A LED backlight LCD display, commonly called just an LED display, is one that uses LED bulbs instead of a fluorescent panel as the illumination for the screen. LED backlights are much thinner and consume less power than ... More » Technology Television & Video

Some of the differences between LCD and plasma screen televisions include the materials used in production of the screen, the picture quality of each type of set, the heat that each type of set generates and the amount o... More » Technology Television & Video