Prospective homeowners can tell if homeowner association fees are reasonable by considering the condition of the common property, its ongoing maintenance needs, the amount of current HOA fees, how often and how much fees... More »

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An HOA estoppel letter states any fees, dues or assessments for a property governed by a Home Owners Association. The HOA produces the estoppel letter during the sale or refinance of a property. Once the estoppel letter ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Homeowners association fees typically cover services offered to residents by the HOA or the city it operates within, and insurance, maintenance and repair for the common buildings in the neighborhood. Lawn care and pest ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

An HOA fee is what members are required to pay so that the association can perform its duties. HOA is an acronym for Homeowners Association. A Homeowners Association is a group meant to perform maintenance of common faci... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To estimate the costs of managing a property, add in items, such as insurance, homeowner's association fees and property taxes, and add those to an estimate of maintenance and other costs. The total likely ranges between... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

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