To compare bank certificate of deposit rates, select a time period and then visit Bankrate to see a list of rates, as stated on the official Bankrate website. Certificate of deposit rates change periodically due to fluct... More »

To find current bank savings rates, compare banks using's comparison feature. The tool lets visitors compare rates on savings, CDs, credit cards, checking accounts and other loan products and offers both nat... More »

Consumers seeking the best interest rates on bank savings accounts should look at banks offering online savings accounts. Although annual percentage yield earnings on savings account deposits change frequently, on averag... More »

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The Bankrate and NerdWallet websites both publish up-to-date listings of bank certificate of deposit interest rates, as of 2015. Both sites allow users to search for optimum interest rates based on the minimum deposit re... More »

As of July 2015, AmTrust Bank offers a 12-month, fixed-rate CD at 1.04 percent interest with a $500 minimum deposit. AmTrust offers online application for its CD offering. AmTrust CDs are FDIC-insured to the maximum amou... More »

Since certificate of deposit rates depend on location, a person must use to find the rates in a certain area. A person can do this by entering a ZIP code, then viewing local rates. More »

Bank of America’s Certificate of Deposit rates are available on the bank’s website, Select Banking from the main menu on the website’s homepage, and then click CDs. This opens a page that lists the typ... More »