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Manta.com, Puroclean.com and Servpro.com are some of the companies that provide clean-up services. These companies list their services in their respective websites and provide contact information for customers who may need their services to contact individual companies.


A service company refers to a firm that provides intangible goods or labor to a private consumer, government or any other organization. Such a company may specialize in providing things like advice, teaching or expertise, notes Accounting Verse.


When companies go out of business, they typically file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, notes the Securities and Exchange Commission. A trustee sells off the company's remaining assets in an attempt to pay off debt to both creditors and investors. Secured creditors are first in line for debt repayments, fo


Some reasons why companies go out of business include poor leadership, financial problems, economic problems and legal problems. Up to half of all businesses fail within their first five years.


Ideas for naming a cleaning business include focusing on terms and concepts that relate to cleaning in an indirect fashion, incorporating regional details that relate to the coverage area of the company and adding adjectives that convey cleanliness. The names also need to be easy for customers to pr


Merry Maids and Molly Maids are common names of residential cleaning franchises, while companies such as Anago Cleaning Systems and Bonus Building Care have strong corporate recognition. Independent cleaners are frequently named after a proprietor or involve a play on words.


To start a cleaning company, apply for the relevant licenses, purchase cleaning supplies and equipment and advertise the business. The cleaning company may be independent or a franchise.


A good name for a cleaning company should be catchy, creative and memorable, according to the Houston Chronicle. Choose a name that looks good on web pages, business cards and other company materials. Also, ensure that the name represents the overall style and personality of the company.


Find a job with a cleaning company at Indeed.com or CareerBuilder.com. These websites feature numerous cleaning jobs of various types, and no registration is required.


PuroClean offers water removal and damage restoration services in the United States and Canada. Servpro Industries provides water damage repair and restoration nationwide, and COIT Services offers residential and commercial water damage restoration in the United States, Canada and Thailand.