Good fluorescent lighting for the kitchen is fitted with electronic control gear that helps eliminate the buzzing and flicking of bulbs. It has a powerful light output that makes a kitchen more attractive and well-illumi... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

A fluorescent light uses a tube of excited mercury gas to illuminate a phosphorescent coating, producing visible light. Fluorescent lights use less energy, produce less heat and tend to last longer than incandescent ligh... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Using a 100-watt lightbulb in a lamp with a 60-watt maximum wattage rating is not recommended; doing so is a fire hazard. The maximum safe wattage rating for a lamp is determined by the amount of heat the wiring and fixt... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting
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The common uses of 24V light bulbs include truck and bus lighting, street and RV lighting. The bulbs are also useful in off-grid environments, as they offer bright lighting at a low cost. More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Directional reflector light-emitting diode lamps are professional-grade sources of lighting that come with temperature management features to ensure the beams form uniform patterns, the bulbs have longer lives and the la... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Options for lighting under kitchen cabinets include puck lights, LED strips, T4 fluorescent strips and LED rope lights. All of these choices send extra light directly to the counter space beneath the cabinets. More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

The process of installing recessed lighting consists of planning the layout, cutting holes in the ceiling for light fixtures before mounting and wiring the fixtures. Recessed lighting that features a baffle trim provides... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting