The most common mythological depictions of leprechauns cite a small, old man in either a red or green coat. Common myths say leprechauns are tricksters, mischievous and even dangerous, and that they enjoy making shoes an... More » Art & Literature Folklore

According to WebMD, a common myth about pregnancy is that a pregnant woman eats for two. The average pregnant woman only needs 300 extra calories per day throughout her pregnancy to promote the growth of a baby. She need... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Some common Halloween myths include that Halloween is a prime opportunity for bad people to poison children or sex offenders to kidnap children and that it is one of the most expensive holidays and on par with Christmas.... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween
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Stories and legends portray leprechauns as a form of fairy known for being intelligent tricksters. Like many other magical creatures, they are said to make unique sounds when they are in the area. More » Art & Literature Folklore

Leprechaun are fairly-like creatures of Irish folklore, said to grant wishes to those who catch them. They are typically depicted as very small, bearded men that wear green suits and buckled shoes and hats. More » Art & Literature Folklore

There is no specific reference in Irish folklore to there being female leprechauns. However, the word leprechaun itself, which dates from around the turn of the 17th century, is not gender-specific. It derives from the I... More » Art & Literature Folklore

Multiple legends surround the mythical Irish fairies known as "leprechauns," such as the beliefs that they guard hidden stores of gold and that they grant three wishes to anyone capable of capturing one. Leprechauns are ... More » Art & Literature Folklore