Common lawn weeds include dandelion, chickweed, crabgrass and white clover. Controlling these weeds involves application of chemical or natural herbicides at specific times during their growth for optimal results. More »

There is no single weed killer that is best for all lawns due to the varying types of weeds and grass that can be present. There are three types of lawn weeds, each require a different type of herbicide. There are also t... More »

To identify common Texas lawn weeds, observe key characteristics of the weeds in question. The most common Texas lawn weeds are Russian knapweed, Ailanthus, garlic mustard, and cheat grass. Lawn weeds spread quickly and ... More »

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A dandelion removal tool, also known as a dandelion weeder, enables a user to remove dandelions and other weeds from a garden or yard at the root. With this tool, a user can remove dandelions while standing, avoiding str... More »

Homemade remedies for ridding a lawn of crabgrass include scalding the weed with boiling water and applying solutions of salt, vinegar or bleach. All these methods kill regular grass and other plants as well as the crabg... More »

To get rid of grass burs, maintain a healthy, well-watered lawn, pull the burs whenever they are sighted in the lawn and apply high-quality herbicides to kill the weeds. Grass burs, also called sticker burs and sand burs... More »

Safely kill weeds on a newly seeded lawn by using a postemergence herbicide on newly grown weeds. Apply the herbicide once the seeded lawn has grown enough to require mowing four times. More »