According the Professional Guide to Gemstone Values, as of March 2014, amethysts are worth between $7.00 and $70.00, depending on color and carat weight. In general, the darker the color, the higher the value. More »

Amethyst is a reddish-purple color, inspired by the crystalline quartz. The quartz received its name from a Greek myth in which Dionysus wept tears of wine that stained the quartz statue of a beautiful maiden. More »

Amethyst gets its purplish color because of the presence of iron and other impurities in the gem, and their reaction to the gem's natural radioactivity. Amethyst is made out of quartz. Pure quartz is often clear and colo... More »

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Prices for amethyst stones vary based on depth of color and carat weight. Lighter stones, such as light green or very light purple are valued at approximately $10 to $14 per carat, while violet or reddish purple cost app... More »