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College Admissions Assistance is a private for-profit company that works with high school students to help them streamline the college admissions process. The company offers a range of services, such as test preparation, application review, scholarship identification and online coaching.


The purpose of writing a letter requesting admission to a college is to introduce the candidate and his or her application package. The letter should be concise and professional.


Questions on college applications include biographical information such as name, address and date of birth as well as questions about previous educational experiences. Most college applications also require an essay that may prompt the applicant to reflect on career and educational goals.


Candidates for admission to West Point must be U.S. citizens, single, not pregnant, not responsible for children, and between the ages of 17 and 22 on July 1 of the year they begin the program. They must be above average academically, pass a medical examination and obtain an official nomination.


Free application forms are usually available on college and university websites. Examples include Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Catholic University of America and Johnson County Community College. Applicants should note that while the forms themselves may be free, an application processing fee


The best admission test result is to be admitted to the school to which the applicant has applied. Other possible admission test results include being denied admission to the school and being placed on the school's waiting list.


The steps for the hospital admission process vary across different organizations and for different types of medical conditions. Common procedural steps for admission include identity verification, such as showing a driver's license and a social security card, and health insurance verification, such


Practice tests for the SAT and ACT undergraduate admissions tests, and also for the preparatory PSAT, are available online. Graduate-level admissions practice tests available online include the Graduate Record Examinations test, the Medical College Admission Test, the Law School Admission Test and t


College application deadlines vary among schools, and there is no one common deadline among U.S. colleges. Most college application deadlines fall between January and March. However, some schools do not have deadlines.


To complete most medical admissions forms at a hospital, a patient must enter pertinent information, including full name, birth date, mailing address, insurance data and emergency contact name. If a patient is admitted for a pre-scheduled surgery or other medical procedure, then he should also bring