A juice extractor is an appliance that extracts juice from whole vegetables and fruits, leaving the skin and pulp behind. The two common types of juice extractors are the centrifugal juicer and the masticating one. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Juice extractors can be used to extract lemon juice, ginger juice and other juices to flavor drinks. You can also use extracted vegetable juices to flavor soups, sauces and more. More » Home & Garden Appliances

The Krups Juice Extractor pulverizes fruits and vegetables before extracting the juice, separating the pulp and foam from the liquid components. Users insert whole produce into the 3-inch feeder tube, and the machine use... More » Home & Garden Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances
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The Magic Bullet juicer extracts juice by blending the pre-cut fruit into pulp. It has a blade that rotates at high speed, cutting the pieces of fruit and mixing it with water to produce fruit juice. One can make juice f... More » Home & Garden Appliances

A Ninja Professional Blender comes with crushing blades, two 16-ounce Ninja cups, two Ninja cup to-go lids and an extractor blade as accessories. It also comes with the blender motor, pitcher, pitcher lid and recipe book... More » Home & Garden Appliances

A coffee pulper machine is a machine used to remove the pulp from a coffee cherry after it's been harvested. The cherries are passed through a pulping machine for the skin and pulp to be separated from the coffee bean. More » Home & Garden Appliances

An extractor fan is an electrical appliance that helps in the ventilation of a room or a closed chamber. Extractor fans work by sucking out the hot or humid air through a narrow area, allowing fresh air to take its place... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling