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L.I.F Industries manufactures commercial doors that receive high ratings from Home Depot customers. Reviewers state the stores are well constructed and secure. Other customers give high ratings to JELD-WEN fire rated six-panel doors because they are easy to install.


One tip for installing a commercial door is to use door jamb clips on door openings wider than 30 inches. Openings that are taller than 7 feet may require additional clips on either side of the frame. Another tip is to anchor drywall frames using compression anchors and to use wire anchors to secure


The basic safety requirements for a fire door include the need for self-closing to avert or minimize the spread of toxic gases or fire. The door should also feature an appropriate latching device to ease people’s mobility and speed up their exit from a fire zone. As proof of its efficacy, a fire doo


Purchase commercial doors and frames for your office or professional space though one of several online sellers, including Doormart USA, Commercial Door & Frame and Republic Doors and Frames. All of these sellers offer a wide variety of commercial doors and frames.


Compare commercial interest rates by conducting research on loan terms from multiple lenders. Take three or more offers, and analyze them based on the base rate, which reflects the general market costs of the service, client-specific aspects, such as the borrower’s financial records, and the monthly


A class A fire is a fire involving ordinary combustible materials. These materials include cloth, wood, paper, rubber and many plastics. Fire extinguishers labeled with the letter A are designed for use on such fires.


Amazon.com provides a list of customer-reviewed storm doors and handles that have received at least three stars from consumers. The brands in the list include Leslie Locke, Croft and Larson Manufacturing Co.


One-hour fire-rated wall boards include Sheetrock Brand Ultralight FirecodeX Gypsum panels, Durock Brand Cement Board Next Gen, and Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core - Type X. Wall board assemblies consist of wood, steel or concrete block framing, insulation and gypsum wall board. These materials, combi


A Class 1, or Class A, fire rating means that the building material is highly resistant to fire and does not spread flames quickly. In the flame-spread rating test, a score of 0 to 25 constitutes a Class 1 rating. The score is relative and balanced between asbestos cement sheet, with a score of 0, a


Some top rated dog foods include Orijen adult dog food, Taste of the Wild Prairie and Wellness Core Grain Free Original formula. Though relatively expensive, Orijen receives top ratings from experts for its grain-free protein that consists of eggs, Canadian meat and wild-caught fish as of 2015.