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Automatic garages use an electrical motor to open and close the door. Because garage doors are so heavy, this motors connects to a cable and pulley system and a large torsion spring to convert the fast motor rotation into a slow and smooth pulling action.


Lowe's sells garage door openers from many popular brands, including SOMMER, Genie and Chamberlain, in price ranges from $100 to $400, as of June 2015. Models with varying horsepower ratings are available, including 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower motors for rugged durability.


Universal garage door openers are programmed by following the included code sheet. The code sheet has a list of several garage door opener brands and model numbers.


Some of the best-rated garage door opener brands are Chamberlain, Decko, Direct Drive and Genie, based on expert ratings and reviews on Amazon.com. Chamberlain appears to be the most popular among the group with ratings of 4.5 or higher out of 5.


To install a garage door, first identify the correct location of the door. Take the appropriate measurements that need to be used for the door. Consider both the length and the width of the door opening, the approximate total area of the garage, and the head room that gives enough space. Place the b


The best material for a garage door depends on the type of door, the location of the garage and the budget. Doors made of aluminium and steel provide good durability and a wide range of design options.


When looking for discounted garage door openers, consider waiting until June, when tools and other DIY project items go on sale for Father's Day, or October and November when outdoor items generally go on sale before cooler weather. It is also possible to find cheap door openers for sale through onl


Some different types of garage door covers include tarps with images and wooden overlays. Popular tarps with images include the race car, country mansion, dog, gold bars and alligator designs. A few others are the robot, band room and room with fireplace.


To find the dimensions of your garage door opening, measure the length and breadth of the opening using a measuring tape. Also, measure the gap between the garage opening and the roof of the garage, and the space between the garage's nearest wall and the sides of the garage door.


Tips for fixing a garage door depends on what is wrong with the door; for instance, if the door is frozen shut and loses power, check the pressure adjustments. If the power is out and the door needs to open, pull the cord with the red handle that allows the door to open and close manually.