One example of commensalism is the relationship between Patiria miniata, known as the Bat star, and a segmented worm called Ophiodromus pugettensis. The star has several grooves protruding from its mouth. Some Ophiodromu... More » Science Biology

The relationship between the arctic fox and polar bears and that between pitcher plant midges and mosquitoes are examples of commensalism in the tundra biome. Commensal interactions provide an advantage to an individual ... More » Science Earth Science

An example of commensalism in grasslands is a grasshopper living in a tree. Commensalism is a state in which two organisms have a relationship, but one party benefits while the other is neither helped or harmed, explains... More » Science Environmental Science
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An example of a commensalism relationship in the savanna is the relationship between lions and hyenas: lions kill and consume certain animals, then hyenas feed on the remains, enjoying the benefits of free food without h... More » Science Biology Zoology

An example of a parasitism relationship is that of ticks, fleas, lice or leeches on a host such as a human or dog. A parasitism relationship is where one of two plants or animals gains at the expense the other without ki... More » Science Biology

One example of a parasitic relationship in coral reefs includes crustaceans from the Copepoda or Isopoda orders, which attach to fish in the reefs, sometimes causing harm but at other times simply holding on and feeding ... More » Science Biology

An example of mutualism in the desert is the relationship between the desert mistletoe plant and the Phainopepla bird. As the bird eats the berries produced by the desert mistletoe, it passes undigested seeds. This ensur... More » Science Biology