The Colorado River begins in north central Colorado and ends at the Gulf of California. The river is chiefly supplied by snow melting in the Rocky Mountains and passes through seven U.S. states and part of Mexico. More »

A river basin is the land water must cross to reach a river. A river basin collects all available water from various tributaries, creeks and streams in its area. More »

The Catawba River Basin is the eighth largest river system in the state of North Carolina and contains 3,042 miles of streams. The Basin is in the west central region of North Carolina encompassing 3,305 square miles or ... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The U.S. Geological Survey offers a map of the entire Colorado River on A map of the entire Colorado River that includes diversions, dams and reservoirs is available on More »

The region south of the Colorado River in Argentina is Patagonia, which is bordered by the Andes Mountains to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Strait of Magellan to the south and the Colorado River to the no... More » Geography Bodies of Water

Colorado contains more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs, including Grand Lake, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Lake Dillon and Lake Granby. The state features more than 105,000 river miles and nearly 250,000 acres of lakes. Most bod... More »

According to the International Boundary and Water Commission, the Rio Grande River starts in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and continues 1,901 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. It is among the 20 longest rivers in the wo... More »