A warm color with a red or golden tone is best for covering gray hair. The hair color should not be more than three shades lighter or darker than the natural color of the hair that is not gray. More »

The best color eyebrow pencil will depend on the complexion of the skin. A taupe brown is complementary for lighter skin while a darker brown will work for olive skin tones, recommends O Magazine. More »

A combination of sesame oil, henna and curry leaves provides a natural way to dye gray hair black. Alternatively, a person can use coffee to dye hair brown. More »

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To highlight gray hair, make sure it is in good condition, then use a vegetable dye or semipermanent glaze to add the color. These dyes will stain the hair follicles. More »

Used to tone down or blend away gray hair, lowlights for gray hair are achieved by coloring select strands of gray hair. In most cases, stylists use a color that is close to the natural color. However, lowlights can be a... More »

Using a demi-permanent hair color gradually covers gray hair and minimizes the grow-out line. The necessary materials are the color in a shade similar to the natural shade, developer, an applicator bottle, a shower cap a... More »

To get rid of gray hair, cover it with permanent hair color up to three shades lighter than your natural color. Mix the color with 10-volume peroxide, apply it evenly over each hair strand, allow the color to process and... More »

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