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A warm color with a red or golden tone is best for covering gray hair. The hair color should not be more than three shades lighter or darker than the natural color of the hair that is not gray.


A combination of sesame oil, henna and curry leaves provides a natural way to dye gray hair black. Alternatively, a person can use coffee to dye hair brown.


When coloring hair that is more than 25 percent gray, choose a permanent hair color with neutral, red or gold undertones, and leave it on for the entire length of time defined in the instructions. Semi- or demi- permanent hair colors, and hair color with ash undertones,...


There are many different reasons why hair turns gray, but the primary cause is genetics. Each of the hair follicles, where hair is produced, contains cells called melanocytes. These melanocytes produce the melanin needed to color hair; they gradually die in time so that...


Gray is a flexible neutral color that can be paired with both cool and warm tones. To add warmth, pair gray with pinks and yellows. A stylish look can be achieved by adding blues and greens.


Gray is made by mixing black and white. While black and white are technically not colors – black is a shade, while white is a tint – mixing the two in equal amounts yields a medium gray. No two pure colors can be mixed to make gray.


Graying hair cannot be fully stopped, as most individuals will eventually get gray hair as they age, unless their hair falls out. Changes to diet, lifestyle and use of certain medicines can help to slow down the graying of hair and keep hair from turning gray earlier th...