Indigo is a shade of blue that ranges from a deep violet blue to a dark, grayish blue. It is named from the blue dye extracted from plants of the genus Indigofera. More » Science Colors

One way to view samples of indigo blue is to enter "indigo" into the color finder tool on Pantone is a leading color expert, providing resources for the fashion, furnishings and graphic design industries amo... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Indigo is made by combining blue and red. This color always falls between blue and violet on the color spectrum. More »

Indigo is a color of the rainbow that falls between a pure blue and violet. It is similar to the color of purple grapes and blueberries. Other examples of indigo include the color of brand new, dark jeans and the blue in... More » Science Colors

Tiffany blue is the shade of turquoise chosen by Charles Lewis Tiffany as the exclusive color for the prestigious jeweler's packaging boxes. The blue boxes are instantly recognizable and associated with the elegance of T... More »

The complementary pairs on a color chart include yellow and violet, yellow green and red violet, green and red, blue green and red orange, blue and orange, and blue violet and yellow orange. Complementary pairs are two c... More »

Beige is usually made with white, yellow and small amounts of raw umber or burnt umber, black, red oxide and violet to adjust the color slightly. To mix a beige-colored paint, one starts with white paint and adds raw sie... More » Science Colors