Colonists were educated through different methods between the upper and lower classes, with upper-class children receiving education in literacy, mathematics and prayer, and lower-class children ending up in apprenticesh... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Education in colonial Pennsylvania did not have a common system such as in New England, and was more focused on practical education. The first public school in the American Colonies was founded by the Quakers in Philadel... More » History Modern History US History

In general the New England colonies were strongly Puritan and valued the education of children. Although Rhode Island practiced religious tolerance, they were no different in this regard. Children learned to read using t... More » History Modern History US History
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Florida's Broward County Library offers computer classes related to basic computer literacy, Microsoft software programs, social media and the Internet, as of 2015. Many of the computer classes are available in Spanish a... More » Education

Books are important for several reasons: they allow children and adults to learn and understand the alphabet, achieve a minimal standard of literacy and help people understand their roles in society. Some books have char... More » Education

Typical pre-nursing courses include science classes such as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology and nutrition, as well as more general coursework in psychology, mathematics, statistics and sociology. Pre-nursing prog... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Intercessory prayer courses teach the methods and procedures of intercessory prayer. These courses are taught by Catholic and Protestant Christian churches and groups that believe that through prayer, God can intercede i... More » Education