As of the 2006 school year, the average college grade point average in the United States was approximately 3.11. The grade point average among secondary institutions has steadily risen since the 1950s, except for a brief... More »

Before you can calculate your college GPA, you need to know the GPA scale, your final grades and the number of credits for each course you took. Your GPA is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by the... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The average GPA at four-year colleges and universities in the United States is 3.11. The average GPA at private colleges and universities is slightly higher than average at 3.30, while the GPA at public colleges and univ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A 2.7 grade point average that is based on a 4.0 scale is equivalent to a letter grade of B- and a percentile range of 80 to 83 percent. Most colleges and many high schools use a 4.0 GPA system, although some use a 4.3 s... More »

A grade point average, or GPA, is a numerical assessment of how well a student has performed in his or her classes. Most schools use a 4-point or 5-point scale, with scores calculated on a semester or quarterly basis, an... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A student's grade point average is calculated by adding the grade points he has received in the classes for the credit hours he has taken and dividing that number by the total number of credit hours attempted. A grade of... More » Education Colleges & Universities

A 2.0 grade point average is equivalent to a C letter grade. The majority of educational institutions around the world use a four-point scale for grade point averages. In this scale, a 4.0 is an A, 3.0 is a B, 1.0 is a D... More »