Colleges and universities recruit prospective basketball players using databases, which can include thousands of names. One of the most well-known recruitment databases is College coaches also use personal ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

New Yorker Nat Holman is considered by many experts to be the greatest basketball player of the 1920s. He was enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1964. More »

A novel pre-game prayer for the individual basketball player is "Bless and heal those we play today. Direct my passes and my plays, let my baskets be many, my legs be swift, my dribbling quick and sure. And let my reboun... More »

Good questions to ask a prospective basketball coach during the interview should focus on tactical questions, or questions about intangible factors and the coach's assessment of his own weaknesses. These same questions c... More »

The square on a basketball backboard that helps players guide banked shots measures 18 inches vertically and 24 inches horizontally. The lines of the square must be white, 2 inches in width and centered above the rim. More »

In basketball, a team earns points when one of its players successfully shoots the ball through the opponent's hoop. The game has various fouls, which can result in free throws, change of possession or other consequences... More »

The sport of basketball offers numerous health benefits, including allowing players to build muscle and endurance, improve coordination and balance, develop self-discipline and concentration and the ability to burn calor... More »