Precalculus generally uses algebraic concepts taught in college-level algebra, but if there is a strong understanding of algebraic problems, precalculus may not be difficult. Both forms of mathematics courses involve a s... More »

An online algebra calculator solves algebra problems through a web application. Many different websites offer a range of capabilities. Mathway and Wolfram Alpha are among the most sophisticated. More » Math Algebra

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Precalculus is a course that prepares students for calculus classes. Advanced ability with functions, analytic geometry, function representations, algebraic expressions and a familiarity with trigonometry are all part of... More » Math Calculus

Precalculus with limits is a high school math course that covers topics in algebra, geometry and trigonometry and prepares students to study calculus. Students often take this course as juniors or seniors in high school. More » Math Calculus

A vector is a mathematical entity that has both magnitude and direction or is an element of a vector space. A vector is typically represented graphically by an arrow with its tip indicating the direction, while its lengt... More » Math Calculus

Precalculus is used in various fields like chemistry, biology and economics in the real world. It is used to make mathematical models or calculations for getting an optimal answer. More »