People can find a listing of collection agencies online. There is a regional directory of collection agencies online that can be used to find agencies within a certain state. More »

Pennsylvania municipality directories, which are generally published by the counties in Pennsylvania, contain links or information about activities and services of the local municipalities in that county. This informatio... More »

Certegy is a check risk management company. Merchants who are clients of Certegy accept Certegy's decision regarding whether to accept or reject any specific check received in payment for goods or services. More »

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website maintains a listing of various construction work jobs., as well as the AOL Jobs website, also include lists of jobs within the construction industry. More »

A reverse listing uses one part of the information associated with a phone, such as the number, to find other parts, such as a name and address. An individual can use reverse phone lookups to identify unknown callers, ve... More »