A group of porpoises can be called a pod, school, herd or turmoil. Porpoises are social animals and typically live in small groups of 10 or fewer members. More »

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Starting a collection involves collecting what you really like, researching items before buying, checking things locally before purchasing online and reading a reference book, according to About.com. The site also sugges... More »

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a group or school of whales is called a gam, pod or herd. The term "pod" is also used for cetaceans such as dolphins and killer whales. More »

A group of dolphins is called a pod. Sometimes it is called a school of dolphins. The pod usually consists of around 12 to 200 dolphins. There are also super pods with thousands of dolphins, which are composed of a numbe... More »

A group of whales is usually called a pod, but other terms for a group of whales include a gam, a herd or a school. A pod usually includes whales that are either related to each other or whales that have formed friendshi... More »

A group of killer whales is called a pod. These pods consist of family members traced through the maternal line. Three different types of pods have been identified: resident pods, transient pods and offshore pods. More »