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Looking to sell your Barbie dolls? We buy all Mattel Barbie made since 1990. We have been purchasing toys since 1994, & have thousands of satisfied customers! Call for a Custom Quote 608-687-7572 ext. 1. Turn your Barbie collection into cash We pay top dollar for your unopened toys. ... branded loose toys, figurines, or sets. The value of ...


The Barbie Dia De Muertos doll is the second collectible to honor the traditions of the Day of the Dead. The doll's face is painted with a "captivating" calavera design, which are associated with ...


Research your doll's value. There are literally dozens of collector's guides that revolve solely around the hobby of Barbie doll collecting 2.A good up-to-date guide will help you determine the overall condition and worth of the doll you want to sell.


Barbie Tiny Wishes doll #GNC35. My guess is that this will be like the Welcome Baby doll. The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection 3 #GNC39 The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection BEST TO A TEA DOLL #GHT65. She is an AA Silkie with a modern two piece suite in a bright color. Top Gun: Maverick Boy Doll #GHT64


The fewer Barbie dolls of a specific type that were made means they have a greater value. Collector Editions of Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of 35,000, and Limited Editions are produced in quantities of less than 35,000. If you have the Barbie doll's original outfit, your Barbie doll is worth more wearing it than if you have it ...


Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Barbie Dolls. Launched at the American Toy Fair on March 9, 1959, Barbie was an 11.5-inch-tall teenage doll made for...


Antique and collectible toys resonate with collectors today for their ability to evoke the power of memory and nostalgia.From holding on to your first Barbie doll to discovering a mint-condition action figure from your childhood, these objects offer a glimpse at the historical evolution of toys in our society and serve as cultural relics.


Values for number 1 Barbie dolls with the holes on feet bottoms and lightening bolt eye brows are usually in the thousands of dollars, the better the condition of the doll, plus all her original accessories will command the highest value. 850 Barbie Ponytail doll. 35th anniversary 1994.


Certain classic Madame Alexander dolls — especially those from the 1940s and 1950s — might be worth well into the thousands, according to antique doll collector, historian, and expert Dr ...


Collectible Dolls Celebrate Your Passion for Exquisite Doll Artistry. Dolls, dolls and more dolls! Ashton-Drake offers a wide selection of unique and exclusive collectible dolls, including many similar to reborn dolls, each one created with exquisite care, expert craftsmanship and quality that is unparalleled.