Securus provides collect-call services for the majority of U.S. correctional institutions, serving as the sole communications provider for 90 percent of the incarcerated population, as of 2015. In response to the overwhe... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To accept a collect call from an inmate, make sure the cell phone carrier allows collect phone calls from inmates and make sure that there is no unpaid bill associated with the line for prior inmate calls. In some cases,... More » Government & Politics Public Records

People can contact inmates at the Central California Women's Facility at Chowchilla by personal visits, mail or phone. Visitors must submit applications and wait for approval, while mail is generally unrestricted in quan... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Securus billing services is a communications provider for the corrections industry. It is a company that provides telephone and Internet communications services to prisons throughout the United States. Through their prod... More » Business & Finance Corporations

A Securus inmate telephone account is prepaid by an inmate's connections outside the detention facility, and it lets inmates make phone calls from participating jails and prisons. There are several plans available, all o... More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of 2015, information about Securus inmate telephone calls is available on Securus provides multiple inmate telephone plans as well as a voice mail service. More » Government & Politics Public Records

The 1950 U.S. census contained 20 questions, with additional supplemental questions being sent to 5 percent of the population, such as the number of the home or apartment and what state the resident was born in. There we... More » Government & Politics US Government