Coleus plants must be kept moist and require frequent watering. They should be fertilized in their active growing season and brought indoors for the winter. Pinching back the shoots creates a bushier plant. The coleus pr... More »

Technically a tender perennial, a coleus plant is usually grown as an annual. Coleus plants are grown for their brightly colored foliage and need deadheading for optimum growth. More »

The Coleus plant is considered non-toxic, though it may cause a reaction in sensitive people. It is, however, considered toxic to dogs, cats and horses. More »

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Coleus is a shade-tolerant plant in warm climates but thrives in full sun in cooler environments. When growing coleus indoors, use a time-release fertilizer to promote growth and maintain room temperatures of 70 degrees ... More »

Some side effects of using forskolin, the chemical derived from the Coleus forskohlii plant, include low blood pressure and increased risk of bleeding for users with bleeding disorders, according to WebMD. The herbal sup... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Vitamins & Supplements

Kong coleus are plants that live in shady areas and produce large leaves. The foliage of the plants is their most prominent feature, and it often comes in bright colors, such as red or purple. More »

Pinch yellowing leaves off tomato plants inhibits diseases and makes the plant look better. Removing unnecessary leaves also helps the plant use more of its energy for growing fruit. More »