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Coleman heater parts can be purchased online at Coleman.com. Replacement parts can also be ordered over the phone by calling Coleman's customer service line at 1-800-835-3278, as of February 2015.


According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation is an important economic statistic because it affects the value of money and indicates the overall stability of a country's economy. Inflation is a gradual continuous increase in the price of goods and services. A stable yearly inflation amount


Inflation is caused primarily by either a rapid rise in wages being paid to workers or by a rise in the price of goods that are commonly purchased by the general population. If the inflation is due to a rise in wages, it is known as cost-push inflation, whereas a rise in the price of goods and servi


Replacement and repair parts are available for Coleman coolers, grills, lanterns, stoves and tents. It's also possible to buy replacement parts for Coleman heaters, fireplaces, furniture and appliances.


Common problems with Coleman furnaces include issues with the pilot light, insufficient heat and difficulties starting. Some of these problems can be avoided with proper furnace maintenance.


Coming up with a good business name for a spa requires brainstorming, and one brainstorming method is to write down any names that comes to mind and select the best options. Using an online business name generator tool such as the one featured at Shopify's website is another method. Online domain na


Four main types of inflation occur in the United States: creeping, walking, galloping and hyperinflation. These types of inflation are representative of how quickly inflation is increasing. Inflation can also be broken down into wage inflation or types of asset inflation for oil, food, gold and othe


Many utility and service companies provide the service of lighting the furnace pilot, or one may do it by locating the pilot and the control knob on the equipment. One should always exert caution and refer to the owner's manual prior to working directly with the unit.


Remove a spa by draining the water, disconnecting the electrical connections, turning the tub on its side, attaching four-by-four posts to each corner, and carrying it to a low trailer. Enlist the help of several others in carrying the heavy and bulky tub.


The three primary types of inflation are: demand pull inflation, cost push inflation and wage push inflation. In addition, depreciation in the exchange of imported goods can also affect inflation.