The state of Tennessee has had thousands of mayors in its history. Some of the most notable mayors of the state are John J. Duncan Sr., Phil Bredensen, Joseph Coleman, Bill Purcell, Karl Dean, Marcus Winchester, A C Whar... More » Government & Politics Politics

After the sale of the Crystal Cathedral in 2010, Dr. Robert Schuller continued to lead Crystal Cathedral Ministries until 2011, when the board of directors voted for his ouster. Schuller had been director of the ministry... More » World View Religion Christianity

As of 2014, James Buchanan is the only President to be single while in office. The First Lady during his presidency was Harriet Lane, Buchanan's niece. James Buchanan is also the only president who was born in the state ... More » History Modern History US History
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Tomas Regalado and Leonard Curry were among the mayors of Florida's major cities in 2015. Jack Seiler, Randall Henderson and Buddy Dyer also were mayors in key municipalities during 2015. More » Government & Politics Politics

As of 2015, the last four mayors of Chicago were David Duvall Orr, Eugene Sawyer, Richard M. Daly and Rahm Emanuel, who is the current and 55th mayor. Since 1907, Chicago mayors serve four-year terms, and the election ta... More » Government & Politics Politics

Some well-known New York City mayors include Jimmy Walker, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abe Beame and Rudy Giuliani. These men are associated with particular decades and pivotal moments in the city's history. More » Government & Politics Politics

Fiorello Henry La Guardia, Jimmy Walker and Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani are three of New York City's most famous mayors. Each left an indelible impression on the city through his actions and inactions. More » Government & Politics Politics