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Coleman Spa Standard Topside Control Panel, 2006-2008 103740 Coleman Spa Standard Topside Control Panel, 2006-2008. Balboa Part Number 53910 You will receive 1 item Product information


Coleman Spas 6 button topside control panel for 500 (spectrum) series with 2 pumps and no blower. Used 2001 - 2002. Top Row: Jets 1, Mode / Screen / Up Bottom Row: Jets 2, Light / Screen / Down Measures 7-3/8" x 3-1/4" Requires 6-1/2"x 2-1/4" hole 8 Pin phone connector on 7' cord. Same as 52355, 101236


101-227 Coleman Spas Topside Control Panel Cal Cooperage 103, 104, 105 Also Replaces 101-172 . Balboa Part Numbers 54145 & 51667 $329.99 $248.85


The Universal Spa Control (USC) for $299.00 is a reliable spa control that fits all hot tubs and is a direct replacement for all spa brands. The USC spa pack is equipped with a 5500W (5.5kW), 4000W (4kW), or 3000W (3kW) spa heater.


Coleman spa parts online including jets, heaters, control panels, pump parts and wet ends are available on sale at Hot Tub Outpost. You might want to deactivate either lock to adjust the water temperature or make changes to the setup of the spa via the control panel .


New to the forum. Looking for a replacement obsolete Coleman Spa Topside Control Panel from 1994-2000 . Part # 51099 or 101174. All sites say its discontinued and need to buy an entire retrofit kit. If so, then that sucks. All I need is this button top side controller. Or something that will work...


We are Quality Spa Parts. Universal Generic hot tub spa replacement parts IN STOCK, like hot tub replacement pumps, hot tub jets, the Smart Touch spa control pack, plumbing parts, spa heater replacement elements, and filters.Spa parts help with hot tub part lists.


Matt shows step by step how to replace a hot tub control panel, tells a bad joke and talks about control panel diagnostics. Broken Hot tub gets fixed!!


Hot Tub and Spa Controllers - Control Panel. A spa controller runs the spa's pump, blower, and heater. Most spa controllers have the heater built into them, so the spa controller is also the spa heater. If your spa has heating problems, check your heater. The brain of an electronic spa controller is a circuit board. The circuit board is the ...


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