Plants that live in cold climates include saxifrages, willows and ranunculus. Other types of plants that do well in cold climates are pinks and whitlow-grass. More » Science Biology Botany

The main types of agriculture done in cold climates are livestock farming and horticulture. Advances in technology and careful planning have enabled farmers to expand the acreage under crop cultivation in cold climate ar... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

The efficiency of a heat pump is decreased in colder climates. If it is more than moderately cold outside, supplemental and traditional heating systems may be needed to heat the structure in question efficiently. More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling
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Cross-pollination, which is when the pollen of one plant fertilizes another plant of the same species, occurs in a huge number of plants, including corn, willows, grasses and olive trees. A large number of food crops are... More » Science Biology Botany

Grow ranunculus plants in pots by planting them in 10-inch containers, using well-drained potting soil, watering them regularly and placing them in a location with exposure to full sunlight. Mulch the plants to keep the ... More »

A tulsi plant is a species of basil found in India and grown in Mediterranean climates. Also called holy basil, it is used in Hindu religious ceremonies. More » Science Biology Botany

Birch trees and aspen trees have a similar appearance, but possess significant differences, specifically in their leaves, buds, bark and abilities to tolerate extreme climates. Additionally, while aspen trees are found a... More » Science Biology Botany