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A coin collector is sometimes called a "numismatist," though numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including paper money. In general use, the term "coin collector" is more common.


A person who collects coins is known as a numismatist. Practitioners of coin collecting, or numismatics, may collect ancient and historical coins or modern commemorative coins. Numismatics gained popularity in the United States in the 1930s.


A person who collects coins, banknotes or medals can be called a "numismatist" or, less commonly, a "numismatologist." The word is more accurately used to refer to people who formally study currency, whether or not they actually collect it.


Coins can be purchased from other collectors by joining coin-collecting clubs and associations, such as the American Numismatic Association, through coin shows and through coin-collecting periodicals such as the "Numismatic News and Coin World." Coin-collector club information is available online at


Find rare coin collectors by contacting a coin collectors' club through the American Numismatic Association club directory. Alternatively, meet collectors by attending an event, such as a convention, seminar or money show.


Some of the most valuable UK coins include early large-sized Guineas, oversized British gold coins and coins minted before Queen Victoria's reign. Most of these coins are made using large amounts of gold and may not be dated. The imprint of the reigning monarch is often used to determine age.


Find out the collector's value of a silver coin by using an online valuation guide such as those found on HA.com, PCGS.com or CoinStudy.com, as of 2015. You can also price the coin yourself using current and historical sales information on eBay.com or locate a local dealer for an appraisal.


Some coins collectors consider valuable are the 1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar and 1896 O Morgan Silver Dollar, both worth around $160,000 each as of 2015. Coins made before the year 2000 have more value and are considered valuable to collectors, and not all older coins are valuable.


Canadian Coin & Currency is a full service coin company that provides information, buys coins and holds auctions online. Coins and Canada is an organization that lists the different kinds of Canadian coins in existence and their value. Coins and Canada has an online discussion board for members.


Simply put, a coin is a round shaped object that is also metallic. It is created with the purpose of having and transferring currency, says About.com coins expert Susan Headley.