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Cutting coil springs down to a desired height requires measuring, trimming and mounting the coils to the vehicle until it is received. Although inexpensive, cutting coils springs can only be done on tangential-type springs. If done on square or pigtail springs, the coil will fail and need to be repl


A coil pack, also referred to as an ignition coil, is a component in the car's engine that changes current generated by the battery into a high-voltage current used by spark plugs. A typical coil pack transforms the 12 volts generated by the battery to the required voltage.


Air conditioner coils are known as evaporator coils and condenser coils. An evaporator coil is used to change liquid refrigerant into gas after heat is absorbed. A condenser coil changes gas back into a liquid before pushing the heat outside.


You can test an engine coil or ignition coil by performing the bench test, which involves removing the primary and secondary windings, and then checking the correct resistance of the two windings. Another way of testing an engine coil is to use the spark plug test.


Test a small engine ignition coil by removing the engine's cover, attaching one end of the tester to the ignition cable, grounding the other end to the cylinder head and manually spinning the flywheel at high speed. If a visible spark forms in the spark tester, the coil works.


Symptoms of a bad coil pack include rough engine idling, misfiring, lack of power during acceleration, gasoline odor emanating from the exhaust system and illumination of the check engine light. In newer vehicles, the coil pack replaces the distributor.


To test a coil pack, use an ohm meter to check for continuity, ensuring that the ohm values are accurate. Buy a Chilton?s or Haynes manual to determine the appropriate mega ohms reading on the coil pack, or search for the information online.


An ignition coil is a coil in a car's ignition system that carries the 6 or 12 volts from the battery to the many volts used to spark the spark plugs in the ignition. An ignition coil is also called a spark coil, and is classified as an induction coil. All induction coils are electronic transformers


During spring, the axis of the Earth starts to tilt toward the sun, which causes the hours of daylight to increase in countries located in the Northern Hemisphere. Air, water and ground temperatures also increase, leading to growth of new plants. The animals that consume the newly regenerating plant


A "choke coil" or "choking coil" is an electrical coil of large inductance and small resistance used within an AC circuit to throttle, impede or change the phase of the current. It is also called a "reactor" or "reactance coil" in the field of engineering.