Starbucks does not have franchisees in any markets except Britain and France, as of 2015, and the company is not currently recruiting franchisees in those two markets. Starbucks required prospective European franchisees ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Starbucks Corporation does not offer new franchise opportunities for its stores. However, it provides franchises for Seattle’s Best Coffee, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Starbucks. More »

Dutch Brothers Coffee allows only existing franchisees and employees to open a franchise location, provided they meet certain experience and financial requirements. Franchise opportunities are not offered to individuals ... More »

On average, Starbucks sells 4 million coffee drinks daily across the United States. The company runs 7,950 stores in the United States, and 16,850 outlets in 40 countries. More »

Starbucks has developed a mission statement that includes cultural development, innovation, high performance and accountability as elements of the company's values. The corporate mission statement defines the company's g... More »

Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving Day during its normal operating hours for a Thursday, typically 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Hours may vary depending on store location. An exception would be a Starbucks housed inside anothe... More »

According to Forbes, Starbucks has a market cap of $55.94 billion, as of May 2014. Investopedia states that the market cap is the figure the investment community uses in determining the size of a company. More »