Codec is a program that encodes and decodes digital data streams or signals. It stands for compression/decompression, but is also referred to as compressor/decompressor or code/decode. More » Technology Computer Programming

Install the MKV codec in Windows Media Player by downloading the codec pack and running the installer. Once installed, import the MKV file to WMP, and test the playback. You need an Internet-ready computer with Windows 7... More » Technology Computers & Hardware and are websites that offer free subtitles for large film directories. offers subtitles for the most popular films, and the website allows users to narrow results t... More » Art & Literature

DivX is a commercial algorithm that encodes and decodes videos in order to compress their file size. While the source code of DivX is not available to the public, DivX operates similarly to other codecs available to vide... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A range check is often used when a person works with data consisting of numbers, dates and times, or currency, ensuring that a number is within a specific range. Range checks allow a person to set suitable boundaries. More »

In computer programming, a linear data structure is any data structure that must be traversed linearly. Examples of linear data structures include linked lists, stacks and queues. More »

The duties of a data encoder include maintaining hard copies of patient forms, receipts, applications and other types of documents. They also do transcription, scanning of documents and maintaining backups of data entere... More »