Cocktail casual attire allows for party-friendly little black dresses for women, and dark-colored suits with a tie for men. For a slightly less casual look, women can add jewelry. More »

Cocktail chic attire includes dark suits and a tie for men, and party dresses for women. It's similar to traditional cocktail attire, with an emphasis on fashion-forward garments. Cocktail chic should be semi-formal, but... More »

Some men are often confused upon receiving an envelope with an invitation for a cocktail party. Deciding what to wear for a cocktail party may not be as easy as some people think. More »

Preferred guest attire for a formal wedding depends on the level of formality of the wedding and ranges from white tie and tails for men and ball gowns for women to dark suits with ties for the men and cocktail dresses f... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

'Country club casual' is a fancy way of saying business casual; recommended attire for men includes a knit polo shirt with khakis, while appropriate attire for women includes a sun dress with flats. However, when an outf... More »

After-five attire is another term for semi-formal attire, which includes dark suits for men and cocktail dresses for women. When after-five attire is specified for an afternoon event, lighter suits for men and dressy sep... More »

A business casual dress code generally includes slacks or khakis and a dress shirt or polo shirt for men and a knee-length dress or skirt with a sweater or blazer for women. The outfit should convey professionalism but w... More »