To download a manual for a Coats tire changer go to, select Coats Tire Changers from the Tire Changers menu, select the desired tire changer series and click on Resources. The Resources section features a va... More »

As of 2016, used tire changers are available online at, and Free shipping is available from all three online retailers, and financing is available in some cases. More »

Unlike most wool fabric items, wool coats are not generally machine washable. This is due entirely to the materials used to provide the shape of the coats, which are not themselves machine washable. Doing so leads to a l... More »

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To use a tire spin-balancing machine, secure the tire to the machine using wedge-shaped donuts. Enter the wheel size information, and select a dynamic balance. Lower the hood, and let the tire spin until the machine stop... More »

Individuals can contact Senator Dan Coats' online at Senator Coats, a Republican, is the senior senator from Indiana and assumed office on Jan. 3, 2011. He also served as Senator from 1989 to 1... More »

Book a tire-truing service by scheduling an online appointment with a tire service company. Hurst's Tire Service, which is based in East Earl, Pennsylvania, accepts tire-truing service requests through its website. More »

Two trailer tires with positive reviews on are eCustomRim’s two-pack trailer wheel and tire 420 15-inch LRC and the ST Freestar eight-ply radial trailer tire. also offers the Hi Run ST bias trailer... More »