Rattlesnakes, deer, wild boar, woodpeckers, alligators, squirrels, cranes, snapping turtles and armadillos are some of the most common animals that live in Georgia's Coastal Plain region. Dinosaur fossils have also been ... More »

The Coastal Sand Plains of southern Texas is a region comprised of more than two million acres of range land. Its borders are marked by the Laguna Madre to the east, the Baffin Bay and the Coastal Prairie to the north, t... More »

The Atlantic coastal plain is on the East Coast of the United States, stretching from Florida all the way north to the Hudson river in New York. This coastal plain passes through Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North C... More »

Georgia's Coastal Plain makes up about 60 percent of the state's land area. The southeast Lower Coastal Plain in Georgia is also the lowest lying land on the Atlantic coastal plain, which is the largest physiographic reg... More »

Many large predator animals in the Americas prey on white-tailed deer, including grey wolves, alligators, mountain lions and similar large cats, such as jaguars. In addition, deer fawns are often targets for medium-sized... More »

Some animals that live in the Florida Everglades are reptiles such as alligators, crocodiles and many species of snakes and mammals such as dolphins, manatees and white-tailed deer. Other animals that live in the Evergla... More »

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Animals that live in swamps include alligators, amphibians, shellfish, bears and panthers. The specific animals present depend on whether the swamp is a freshwater swamp or a saltwater swamp. More »